About Us


We are Kris, Sarah, and Carly Halper, a fabulous trio, mother and two daughters.  a trio with a passion for creativity together with fashion.  We wanted to create collection filled with things we love.  Creating makes us happy. Our inspiration comes from every day life and experiences.  We truly believe expressing yourself  through fashion is the best way to show who you really are.  We wanted to simplify communications, elevate experiences, engage, and inspire people to tell their story.   We all have one.  It's time to tell your story. What's happening in your life? Who do you love? Became a new mommy? Wedded bliss? 

We wanted to create a company that combined simplicity, meaning, humor, and fashion.  Our canvas is our high quality t-shirts, all we need is your story to create a masterpiece. We hope you find pieces that are inspired and inspiring; capturing who you are.

Wishing you a day filled with inspiration!

Kris, Sarah, & Carly